Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm walking on sunshine

I love, love love my new carpet! With the disastrous flood last year, I replaced 2/3 of my homes flooring. I decided to battle out the winter with ratted carpet in the front room. Now, with upgraded pad, high traffic wear and a beautiful subtle fleck, there’s nothing more I can ask for. (Well, I do ask that you don’t watch me take a good heavy whiff now and then of that new carpet smell! Mmmmm. . . .nothing smells better!) I also want to thank my sister Becky for helping me move every item in my front room! I decided she's at least half man 'cause she's soo tough!


Bumblebee said...

Ah, so beautiful...the Sham Wow! just looks better every day.

Thomas said...

Great looking carpet! I'm glad that you're able to install new ones in your house. Dirt, stain and odor can badly damage rugs and carpets that's why some home owners opt to replace their carpet. My wife though decided to take a cheaper route for our house in LA. Carpet cleaning experts were hired to remove the tough dirt that clung to the fabric of the carpet. A professional carpet cleaning service (Los Angeles and other places)can help owners prolong the service of their flooring.

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

Your new carpet perfectly matches the color of your walls. Ahh, yes. Floods can ruin the flooring in your house. How long did it take you guys to replace the carpet in your house?

-Kathy Carbone