Thursday, January 1, 2009

Water--An essential part of life

A watched pot never boils. I beg to differ.

I have actually sat in front of my stove with a stop watch to see how long it would take a pot of water to boil. (You may think I have nothing to do in life but watch lifeless water. I actually so desperately wanted to prove this cliché wrong!) It took five minutes and 43 seconds. With the same amount of water at the same temperature, at the same elevation and same heat rate I timed the acceleration of water from still to boil being absent from the kitchen. I checked on it at five minutes and 40 seconds. It was at a rapid boil.

My conclusion—you get more done when you’re not watching.

2008 has come and gone and I’m still single. Am I sad? Was I hopping to find that potential someone in 2008? Did I accomplish all I wanted to and could do last year? Am I happy where Father Time has taken me? My answer to all of that is a simple ‘yes.’

Here’s what I did last year:

Taught Family History
Graduated from College
Spent time with my parents
Went on a cruise
Landed a great job
Bought a car
Paid a huge chunk of school debt off
Laughed all summer long
Went Skydiving
Had a boyfriend
Worked two jobs while going to school full time
Made a few new friends
Left a few old friends
Worked on photography portraits
Ended a relationship
Wrote a new song on the guitar and piano
Became a better friend to my sisters
Went to Lake Powell
Spent quality time with my nieces and nephews
Started a 401k

I did so much more, but I can’t write them all down. 2008 was a good year—not the best, but still good. I accomplished many good goals to define my character and give me that much more experience. However, just like any other single girl, I’m still waiting for that one year I’ll never forget . . .

Do you know what I did when I left the room, waiting for the pot of water to boil? I read a few pages in my book—a biography on one of the greatest scientist to be exact. I returned a borrowed item to our neighbor. I wrote a few texts too. I paid a bill and I answered the door when someone knocked on it. A lot happened in those five minutes. Perhaps 2009 will not be that special year, but I’m not going to sit and just watch it boil away. . .

Happy New Year