Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'And touched the face of God'

Not too long ago, I took the jump of my life! Yes, I went skydiving and I still can’t get over it! This was an adventure which not only tested, but proved my gutsy side. I strongly encourage anyone who’s ever toyed with the thought of skydiving to do it!

Many people fear the sensation of falling—of having that feeling of their stomach lurching into their throat within the first 10 feet of a free fall. But my friends, you don’t feel it! (At least for me, I didn’t. . .) I wasn’t focusing on that. . .

What I couldn’t get over was the detail of the topography 13,000 feet above the meticulous planet. I knew my fall would be over in a matter of seconds, so I tried to focus on the beauty from this view—a view not many of us see that often in life.

Trees looked like fuzzy patches of mold. Lakes appeared like skies on the ground. Even the massive crevasses in the base of the mountains which fingered into the valley appeared like a rocky specimen under a microscope.
For a few seconds of my life, I felt like a satellite. It was beautiful.