Monday, April 19, 2010

You've got a Sparkly

Hi. My name is Ginger and I have an FTD.

Years ago, I thought I was in love with this one boy. When he served his mission in Chile, he decided not to wear his shower flip flops and contracted a horrid fungal disease. I wish I had a picture to show you the sickening, fungal, hairy hobbit feet he had. He told me he went to the doctor and was on medication, but it was never going to completely fix the problem. But like I said, I thought I loved him and I took the good with the bad. I mean, I wasn’t perfect. . . I had a mole on the back of my neck . . . which I removed. . .anyways. . .

We were very good about wearing socks whenever we ‘played around.’ I mean, we’re both Mormon and didn’t want to get in any trouble. I admit . . . there was one night where we were just too weak and. . .we slipped. (GASP!) Yes, we performed unprotected footsies. I didn’t notice anything at first, so I thought I was safe.

Well, most of you know the story. He broke up with me. As I was trying to get over him, I noticed something different about my fourth toenail on my left foot. (Because he didn’t leave anything on my fourth finger on the left hand, he was kind enough to place his mark on my toenail.) A small portion of the nail was infected with his disease. Not only did he leave me with a shattered heart, but a partly fungal toenail. (Really, I’m not bitter to this day.)

I have been embarrassed, confused and ashamed. How could I tell my friends and sisters when flip flop weather came around? I never went with all the other girls to get pedicures—I always did my own. I invested in creams, oils, polish, lemon juice and vinegar. Nothing worked . . . I knew eventually I had to see the doctor about my condition. (It’s not easy for Ginger to see the doctor. It takes a lot of motivation, self pep talks and not being able to breathe to go to the hospital. I should blog about that later.)

But before the date with the doctor could be set, the unthinkable happened:

Sisters Weekend.

My sister wanted to get pedicures together for her birthday. What was I to do? How was I going to explain myself? What would she think of me? I knew I just had to fess up and tell her the truth. (I just begged her not to tell mom and dad . . . or my bishop!)

Luckily, she didn’t judge me and with tears on our cheeks, we embraced and she said everything would be okay. She assured me beauticians have seen so much worse and that I had just a small little case. Life could still go on.

With a relief in this confession, we walked into the salon and got pedicures. And glitter toes!

Yes, my name is Ginger and I have an FTD. . .which is now engulfed in crushed rubies and sapphires!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm walking on sunshine

I love, love love my new carpet! With the disastrous flood last year, I replaced 2/3 of my homes flooring. I decided to battle out the winter with ratted carpet in the front room. Now, with upgraded pad, high traffic wear and a beautiful subtle fleck, there’s nothing more I can ask for. (Well, I do ask that you don’t watch me take a good heavy whiff now and then of that new carpet smell! Mmmmm. . . .nothing smells better!) I also want to thank my sister Becky for helping me move every item in my front room! I decided she's at least half man 'cause she's soo tough!