Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas 2009 Part 1

So I was going through my camera and found lots of pictures from last year I haven’t blogged about. The year 2009 had some old traditions and some new. Here’s a bit of what happened.

Messiah Sing Along

I started this tradition right after the mission in 2005. I saw a sign by the American Fork Tabernacle and had the music, so I decided to try it out. It was standing room only when I showed up. The next year I was in New York and missed out on that opportunity. Then in 2007, my dad came along with me. I just found out Thai food then and was obsessed with it! Dad found a fun little Thai restaurant not too far from the tabernacle so we added another tradition: Thai food before Messiah Sing Along. I know those two really don’t go together, but it’s still fun. Jackie decided to come along with us in 2009. Hopefully you’ll come in 2010! (And yes, that squeaking is me singing. Sorry.)

Christmas at Home

This is my first Christmas at my own home! JJ gave me her old Christmas tree and I'mpretty sure she got it from Liz who got it from mom. It was fun to put up my snow covered roses, old and new ornaments, prisms from New Orleans, berry garland, the two glass turtle doves mom gave me and other treasures. I even put up the leg lamp ornament! And because it was fake tree, I got a pine smelling plug in air-freshener to really add to the holidays!

Temple Square Lights

My YSA ward went up to see the Temple Square lights. It was fun to get to know more people. Next time I need to bring a tripod and really have fun with these photos.

I'm having trouble uploading more video, so I'll just post this now and get a Christmas part II up asap