Monday, July 27, 2009

The Wet Diaper in my Crib

I decided that I needed to add a few improvements to my little house. (Everything in my life has a name. I decided to call my home the Sham-Wow because not only does it soak up tons of water, it also soaks up lots of money!!) With mom and dad’s help, we painted a room, fixed a dryer, put up a light fixture, replaced a toilet seat and fixed a gasket in the other toilet. I’m learning tons!!
Along with the upgrades, I decided to put in my front entry way and kitchen. Evidently, what also came with the tile was a flood!!! I was told that the tile needed 24 hours to set, so I needed to find a place to spend the night. The next morning, I hurried and went over to my place to check out the tile. They did a beautiful job. . .but they left the carpets in both bedrooms rather wet. I guess one of the workers used my guest bathroom, clogged the toilet and then just left. Two thirds of my house was destroyed in the flood. I guess that means I need more tile down the hallway and new carpet.

Lucky Duck

I have a perfect view of a swimming pool from my work window. A few times this summer, I have noticed a duck, sunbathing on the edge of the swimming pool. What would I give if I could be that duck! You may have to click on the picture to see the duck.

Dirt roads

Mom and Dad invited me on one of their 4 wheeling trips. It was fun, dirty and very memorable! I loved going out with them and having fun!

Fun, Crazy 4th!

My friend from Idaho came down to spend the 4th of July with me. It’s a tradition in my family to watch the Provo Parade and I volunteered to save my family seats. So Lacey and I woke up at 4:00 in the morning to get there. Funny things happen when you wake up really early. You don’t put make up on, and you think the stupidest things are funny. I still don’t know why I woke up that morning thinking “Abu Dhabi! Abu Dhabi!”

Home, Sweet Home

I know it’s been forever since I’ve updated my blog!! So much has happened and I don’t know if I can update everything!

I closed my home on the June 25th! Many adventures has happened in one month of being a homeowner, and up until July 24, I was in the honeymoon stage!! I loved hearing the a/c come on because I knew that was my bill! And I loved knowing the mess I saw was my mess and not my roommate’s! It’s been fun to play nonfictional House! It’s all fun until you have to make your first homeowner’s insurance claim. . . but that blog’s coming up!