Friday, April 17, 2009

Top 10 reasons why I love spring.

1) I hate being cold and April is the month where things start to warm up.
2) Blue skies are always accompanied by singing birds and budding flowers.
3) Itchy wool sweaters and heavy skirts are tucked away in tote bins and pretty pastels and flirty skirts take up the closet.
4) Fresh fruit that I’m actually tempted to purchase starts to appear in the produce section.
5) I will always ‘awww’ at the baby cows, horses and sheep who wobble next to their mothers as I drive in the country.
6) Tree branches are sheltered with delicate blossoms.
7) The sun rises earlier and sets later.
8) I start to plan exciting summer vacations or camping trips.
9) I love to open the windows in my car and home because it’s perfect weather!
10) MY BIRTHDAY!!! And Mother Nature knows not to give me snow on my birthday.
These were some pictures on April 16, 2009! Don’t ya just love spring?!

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Tacy said...

Hey, if you ever want to visit Phoenix again, you can always plan a summer trip to see me! Ha ha, just kidding. Who wants to visit Phoenix in the summer? We're the ones trying to vacation away from there then! I must say, I haven't missed the snow or ice or freezing cold. This has been the best winter of my life!